All about the excitement

Are you looking for something fun and exciting to do at your events? Why not hook up with the best DJ services located in Eugene, Oregon. From weddings to large events, karaoke, and much more. Are you not sure of the songs you want to hear, or even the band name that plays the music. Here at Caught In The Act, Jared Ritzer knows his music down to the science. This is not some overnight successful business, it takes years to be as familiar with your music as well as what your clients want to hear.

It’s all about the reactions from clients

Everyone at each of the Caught In The Act past client service events noted on camera, or in person, that they would not hire anyone else in the business after having Jared masterminding and coordinating any and all active events related to his expertise. Even the reactions from people at the events that weren’t clients was so positively overwhelming.

Planning your next event with Caught In The Act!

Location is not an object. Caught In The Act will drive just about anywhere to make your experience the most valuable. The more valuable the experience for you, the more lively Jared is at every event. Any event and any location is Jarid’s slogan!