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At Caught in the Act Entertainment, we hire only the most experienced Wedding professionals/entertainers/photo booth experts with a passion for having fun. Our mobile event staff will first meet with you prior to your event to discuss the unique needs of your wedding. During this initial interview, your experienced DJ will go through the different stages of your wedding and find music to best fit your tastes. Once your song selections have been reviewed, your DJ will get to work building you a fantastic wedding playlist.

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Our DJs understand that every wedding is different and that music tastes can vary. Likewise, your wedding music should perfectly reflect both your personality and tastes as a couple. With years of experience reading and quickly evaluating their audiences’ tastes, Caught in the Act DJs are guaranteed to make your event a huge success. With a vast music library that includes everything from Pop, Rap, R & B, Rock, Oldies, Big Band, Disco, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to 80′s, 90s and Top 40 hits, Caught in the Act Entertainment has everything you need to make your night memorable and keep the dance floor packed.

Wedding Event Coordination

Our wedding DJs will coordinate all the major events of your wedding from the announcement of the bridal party to the cutting of the cake. We also will announce and coordinate other events such as blessings, toasts, first dances and the tossing of your bouquet so that your guests won’t miss a thing. All of our mobile DJs work closely with the other staff members of the event such as your photographer and caterers to ensure that everything is running in a smooth and timely fashion.

At Caught in the Act Entertainment, our wedding DJs do much more than simply hit the play button. In fact, they spend as much time away from the DJ booth as behind it. Whether they’re making announcements, coordinating activities with other staff members or interacting with the crowd, they know exactly how to keep the dance floor packed and full of energy. Your guests will love making song requests and participating in organized dances and other activities.

When you’re ready to really pick things up, the DJs at Caught in the Act Entertainment may include some old favorites such as the YMCA, Electric Slide, the Cupid Shuffle or the famous Party Train. Of course, we’ll make sure that the timing is nothing short of perfect. When it comes to “ice breakers”, our mobile DJs know exactly when the mood is right to pick things up.

Specialty Wedding Packages

Caught in the Act Entertainment also offers several Wedding DJ packages that include specialty lighting to make sure the dance floor never lets up. Our lighting effects include club style lighting and disco ball effects to bring in a romantic atmosphere. If you’re looking to set up your own presentation, we can also provide microphones and any other audio/ visuals aids that you may need. Our customizable PHOTO BOOTH can be tailored to your event’s needs and message. Our most popular package is our combined 4 hour DJ/PHOTO BOOTH package. Call today, mention this ad and receive $100 off your booking.. CALL NOW! 541-915-9957

Frequently Asked Questions


Q-: Is it worth having a DJ at a wedding?

Ans-: Having a DJ at a wedding can enhance the experience by providing music, managing the flow of the event, and engaging guests. Prices vary but typically range from $500 to $2000. Considering the atmosphere, entertainment value, and smooth coordination they offer, many find having a DJ worthwhile for their wedding celebration.

Q-: How many hours does a DJ play at a wedding?

Ans:- A DJ typically plays at a wedding for 4 to 6 hours, covering key moments like the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. Some couples may hire DJs for longer durations, especially if they have additional events or want extended entertainment throughout the celebration.

Q-: What time should a DJ arrive at a wedding?

Ans:- A DJ should typically arrive at a wedding venue 1 to 2 hours before the scheduled start time. This allows ample time for setup, sound checks, and coordination with event staff and other vendors. Arriving early ensures a smooth transition and readiness to entertain guests promptly.

Q:- How many songs does a DJ need for 5 hours?

Ans:- A DJ typically needs around 100 to 125 songs for a 5-hour event, accounting for various genres, tempos, and guest preferences. This allows for seamless transitions, ensuring continuous music throughout the event without repeats. Additionally, having extra songs provides flexibility to adjust to the crowd’s mood and requests.

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