There’s a unique charm in embracing the nature of a barn wedding. Picture the falling leaves, the yellowish-green surroundings, and the rustic beauty that shines through the celebration. It’s a scene that will put a smile on every guest’s face, creating a sense of anticipation for the event. 

But getting swept away by this beauty requires dressing correctly for the occasion, which makes the question of “What should you wear during a barn wedding in the fall” very important. 

You can’t go by the “anything goes” attitude. Being overly dressed in sharp colors will make you stand out, but not in a good way. Similarly, embracing rustic colors too much will take away the celebratory feeling of the occasion. What you need is striking a perfect balance. 

Therefore, Caught in the Act Entertainment brings you the best tips for wearing during a barn wedding this fall. 

What to Wear During a Barn Wedding this Fall?

It is easy to get stumped when dressing for a barn wedding. ‘Go casual’ – these words are often misinterpreted, leading to you either overdressing for the occasion, adding annoyance to the celebration, or underdressed, which is just as bad. To help you get ready the right way, here are the key tips to help you out, coming straight from the experts at Caught in the Act Entertainment

Focus on the Venue

There are no solid roads around the barn. The entire atmosphere is filled with the rustic charm of nature, with only a little intrusion of modern artistry. Therefore, focus on wearing something comfortable.

Women can opt for cocktail dresses. A knee-length or midi dress in a soft, flowy fabric covered in flower patterns or subtle prints highlighting earthy tones will be perfect. For men, a lightweight suit made from linen or cotton in colors ranging from navy to light grey or beige will add to the ambiance. 

Choose Breathable Fabric

You won’t only be standing or sitting around for a wedding. When the reception comes, it will be your time to shine on the dance floor, which you can’t do if your fabric isn’t breathable. Pick fabrics like linen, chiffon, or cotton. Also, make sure that the fitting of your dress accentuates your shape but is still a bit loose so that you can move around better when the wedding DJ starts dropping the beat.

Choose Function over Form for Footwear Options

Not everyone will be looking at your feet. Therefore, now is the right time to set your desire for style aside and choose something more comfortable. Block-heel or flat footwear is perfect for a barn wedding. Women should also consider wedges. They might not look outlandishly stylish, but they will have some personality and give you comfort. 

For men, loafers are good options, for they are a perfect blend of style and sophistication. A more traditional look can be captured using brogues, which adds some formality to the attire. Dress boots are also good. 

Prepare for the Weather 

Looking good is the motive, but your health should not be compromised. Weather preparedness during a barn wedding is important due to the unpredictability of temperature. That’s when you can dive into your style box and get some layering. 

When layering, focus on comfort and fabric. You don’t want to get too hot during the day or too cold at night, so it is always a good idea to have backups.

Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected

A broken hinge there, or a piece of cracked wood there, there are many things at a barn that could ruin your celebration if you get your dress stuck in it. While the organizers will focus on keeping the barn clean and kempt, you can’t always count on others. Therefore, be prepared for safety pins to band-aids, stain remover pens, or even extra ties and hair ties. 

Get Things Right When You Show Up to a Barn Wedding

Now that you know what to wear to a barn wedding, it is time to show up. Focus on the rustic beauty of the venue, but don’t sideline your comfort, too. You will be celebrating the occasion, so you’d better keep a smile on your face. 

Keep these tips when you go to a wedding or are planning a celebration and want to give people a helping hand. And if you want to add more celebration to your wedding, contact Caught in the Act Entertainment.