Planning a bash in Oregon, and thinking of adding some flair to your event with laughter, silly props, and instant keepsakes? A photo booth sounds perfect! But amidst the party planning frenzy, a question pops up: how much does it cost to rent a photo booth? Here’s everything you need to know about photo booth rentals in Oregon.

How Much Does A Photo Booth Cost?

The average cost to rent a photo booth is anywhere between $300 and $750+ per day for a photo booth rental in Oregon. That being said, the number of hours you rent the booth will significantly impact the cost. 

Likewise, the features and services you opt for, such as the type of booth (classic, open-air, green screen), props offered, and attendant services, can also influence the price. In addition to that, packages offering unlimited digital downloads and instant prints will typically cost more than those with just digital copies.

Depending on the price, you can expect your package to include basic photo booth setups with limited props and a shorter rental duration (2-3 hours), made for being a fun addition for smaller gatherings or a selection of props, attendant services, and a typical party timeframe (4-5 hours) of operation. 

There are certain booths that you can’t operate on your own, such as 360 photo booths, which require an attendant’s supervision. These would typically cost upwards of $400 per day. 

Similarly, expect to pay a premium for premium photo booths with unique features like green screens, social media sharing options, or high-quality instant prints, which are perfect for creating a luxurious and interactive experience.

The most expensive photo booths usually come with high-end photo booth experiences, elaborate backdrops, extended service hours, or additional staff for larger events. So, if you are planning an extravagant event or corporate function, a premium photo booth can be a great addition!

Having said that, it is wise to get an accurate quote for your exact requirements by contacting photo booth rental companies directly. 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Photo Booth for Your Party

Shop Around

Don’t settle for the first photo booth provider you find. Shop around, compare prices from different vendors, and read reviews. You want a reliable service that fits your budget. 

Off-Season Plans

Just like flight tickets, photo booth prices can spike during peak seasons. If your event coincides with a popular party time, be prepared for potentially higher costs. Similarly, consider a weekday party as the rates might be lower compared to weekends.

Duration of the Sessions

How long do you want the photo booth to be the life of the party? Most companies charge by the hour, and the longer you want the booth, the more it might cost. So, decide if you want it for the entire event or just a part of the celebration. If your party has a tight schedule and budget, opt for a shorter rental duration to save some bucks.

Hidden Costs

Watch out for hidden costs like delivery fees, setup charges, or additional fees for extra services. Make sure you get a clear breakdown of all costs before finalizing anything.

DIY Props

Unleash your creativity! Collect fun items or ask guests to bring their own props for a personalized touch. 


Do you want a photo booth that matches your event’s theme perfectly? Customization, from the booth’s appearance to the photo layouts, can elevate the experience. However, it might also elevate the cost. So, choose wisely. 

Negotiate Like a Pro

Once you have identified your preferred photo booth provider, don’t be shy about negotiating. Some companies might be open to adjusting their prices, especially if you are booking well in advance. It does not hurt to ask. 

Your Next Photo Booth is Here!

While cost is a factor, remember to prioritize finding a photo booth company that offers excellent service, high-quality equipment, and a fun selection of props. You can also look for a company that complements your event’s theme and caters to your vision of photo booth fun. Like Caught In The Act Entertainment

We house state-of-the-art photo booth features, such as the Green Screen technology, customizations, and instant photo transfer. All of these are sure to get all your guests talking about your fun party for days.  

Ready to find your perfect photo booth? Feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q-: How much should you spend on a photo booth?

Ans-: The cost of renting a photo booth varies depending on factors like location, duration, features, and add-ons. On average, prices range from $300 to $1000 for a standard rental. It’s essential to consider your budget and the package details to find the best option for your event.

Q-: How much does a photo booth cost for an event?

Ans:- The cost of a photo booth for an event varies depending on factors such as duration, location, features, and additional services. On average, it can range from $200 to $1000 or more. Customized packages and discounts may be available based on specific event needs and vendor offerings.

Q-: How much are photos in a photo booth?

Ans:- Photo booth photo costs are typically included in rental packages, with unlimited prints or a set number per session. Prices range from $2 to $10 per print for additional copies. Customized packages may offer digital copies or souvenir options like keychains or magnets for an extra fee.

Q:- Is it worth investing in a photo booth?

Ans:- Investing in a photo booth can be worth it for event planners, businesses, or individuals seeking interactive entertainment and memorable experiences. It enhances guest engagement, creates lasting memories, and can generate revenue through rentals. Factors like initial investment, market demand, and maintenance costs should be considered for profitability.